Spaced Invaders (1990) Review

spaced-invaders-1990Spaced Invaders (1990)


“But, Dad,
they’re not really bad,
they’re just… stupid.”

In small town America a small contingent of completely incompetant Martians land ready to help their comrades with an invasion of Earth but there is one HUGE problem.

The transmission they picked up in space was a local radio stations repeat of Orson Welles’ 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds and there is no invasion.

They are all alone on Earth and their spacecraft is damaged meaning they can’t leave.

Their mistake has been noticed by an enforcer droid that is now trying to kill them for their failure.

Along with the entire town.

Through more mishaps the group has become splintered with all but one unaware of the radio broadcast isn’t real and are still continuing with their mission to take over the planet.

But luckily for them they have landed on Halloween night so most people initially mistake them for children in fancy costumes.
Three of the Martians join some children who are trick or treating which involves the Sheriff’s daughter who has only recently moved to the town. She befriends Brian who is dressed as a duck and by far the best character in the film and realises the aliens are not children dressed up.

Soon the whole town is aware of the aliens and have their ship unaware that it is going to destroy this part of the universe.

Spaced Invaders is a silly or probably stupid film that works.
The humour is great and quite often you will have to pay attention to what is being said in the background as there is always a joke back there being thrown at you constantly.

The script seems silly but really is quite sharp, plot wise it is basic but the script will surprise you if you listen to everything going on.

The martians look really good but their one flaw is the animatronics for their mouths are not great and don’t have the range of movements to come close to matching the dialogue.
This is surprising as the special effect everywhere else in the film are fucking good.
From the space battle at the start to the robo-T-rex-combine harvester-crop sprayer contraption at the end you can see how much detail went into this.

The whole film is extremely well made and has more quality than you would expect from a film of this type to have. But this is the 80’s and somehow films like this were given the go ahead and made by the bucket loads in America and made quite well which does show up the modern day industry where a film such as this would not be made anymore.

Those of us that remember have films like The Goonies, Invaders From Mars, The Monster Squad or Gremlins but today what do we have that is as memorable, out there and well made since well from Zathura which itself is largely forgotten.

If you like odd 80’s children films that are really for adults which will have you scratching your head as to how someone could give them money to make it then you will probably like this one.