Suicide Squad: The Joker collectable looks suitably insane

Suicide Squad looks bloody good, at least from what the trailers have revealed so far.

And the collectable figures are also looking pretty sweet, if this 1/6th scale model of The Joker is anything to go by.

Jared Leto’s interpretation of the iconic prince of crime was initially met with scepticism, you’ll no doubt remember. But over the last couple of years since we’ve had the occasional glimpse of what to expect, it’s fair to say that we’ve warmed to the idea.






These images show-off Hot Toys Arkham Asylum version in the best possible way, and man, do I really want one of these right now. Hmm… Maybe not so if the movie turns out to be just a heap o’ shyte though.

Fingers crossed eh.

Suicide Squad is released in the UK on the 5th of August. Oh holy crap that’s less than a month away!