My Complete Marvel Civil War Hardcover Collection (Finally)

After many years, and my procrastination when it came to buying them, I have finally completed my Marvel Civil War Oversized (Hardcover) collection.

Civil War was a 2006-2007 cross-over event that took place over a wide range of comics that involved the Superhero Registration Act in which those with powers had to sign up to a register set up by the US Government.

Not everyone agreed with this and some oppose it led by Captain America come into conflict with those supporting it led by Iron-man.

The series became the basic plot for A recent Captain America film which I haven’t seen yet as I want to read the series first.

But most are still in the shrink wrap and don’t they lose value if you remove that or is that toys in their boxes?

Plus coming in at almost 4,000 pages this means a lot of time on the toilet.
I can’t be the only one who does this?

The price for various books varies from reasonable i.e. the ones no-one want that offers no value to the overall story to stupidly ridiculous asking prices and I’m talking about the Spider-Man book which I’ve seen prices asked for it being over £200 in the UK and over $500 in the US!

I did not pay anywhere near that much let me assure you of that and I bought most of the set when first released.

Enough of my waffling here is the money shots


Reviews have been mixed but it looks good on my shelf.

Will i be collecting the follow up Civil War II.

Given how Marvel and Disney are pandering to SJW’s and feminist by swapping genders\ethnicity, making Captain America a Hydra agent though I think they’ve recanted on that and generally fucking with over 60 years worth of characters history and powers\abilities instead of bringing in new characters to stand and fall on their own merits I doubt it.

I’d rather read about a completely newly introduced hero or villain instead of seeing an someone in place of an established character now doing things the original never could in over 50 years worth of publication history and in their timeline over many millennia’s worth of experience and training i.e. FemThor.

But that is just my opinion. If you like it then read on