Fan made ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ trailer destroys DC’s offering

CC BY-SA by InfoMofo

Are ya hyped for one of the most anticipated animated Batman movies of all time? I bloody well am; The Killing Joke graphic novel is probably my favourite Batman story, to date.

So naturally I was pumped when the announcement was made that the influential one-shot is about to follow in the footsteps of legendary Batman stories like Year One and The Dark Knight Returns.

And that excitement jumped ten-fold when I saw the official trailer a few months ago, but today it has been relatively subdued.

You see, this morning I discovered an amazing piece of art work that… well, and I’ll be frank (you can still be you), it simply puts the official trailer from DC to shame.

Take a gander at both versions here in this side by side comparison, complete with panels from the graphic novel, then decide which one is more faithful to the source material.

Obviously I’ve made it clear where I stand on this issue, but you decide for yourself.

Which one do you prefer?