Star Wars: Episode VIII takes massive leap towards completion this month

That’s right dudes and dudettes (that’s a real word, honest), the next instalment of the Star Wars saga takes a major step towards completion, as production is scheduled to wrap this month.

The Joker Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, has revealed that production comes to an end on the 22nd of July… hey, that date rings a bell.. hmm.. say, isn’t that the same date that Star Trek Beyond is released?

Anyway, the bearded Skywalker made the announcement on Twitter, in response to a fans request for info about the untitled Episode VIII.

There’s still a way to go yet though, once production is finished the movie will still need to be edited and all that fancy CGI stuff needs to get added, and then of course the ball-ache of reshoots.

And finally the Disney marketing machine will rev up, go into over-drive, notify the press about the smallest of details and you’ll end up being bombarded with.. erm, articles kinda like this one… Woops.

Anyway despite being more than 18 months away from release, minor details about what to expect are already emerging. Check out this awesome pic of the Millennium Falcon:


I so want one. Vroom vroom.