Virtual reality & other Android updates

Is Android Nougat designed for people who want to have sex with their phones, or something?

Google has just released details of what to expect from the latest version of Android, among all that awesome new shit that every other website is reporting about, here’s the most interesting for the real-world. 

I like Android. It’s a fantastic OS. Still, I prefer Apple, but hey, that’s just me.

Hey chill man, I’m not looking to incite a riot here.. it doesn’t stop me from writing an objective piece about Google’s latest offering.. and let me tell you, it looks pretty good.


Holy shit yes, virtual reality is going large on the ‘droid.

Take a look at this, and just imagine the possibilities.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Doze on the Go

Battery life will be improved with a new version of Doze, so you can spend more time doing stuff like.. I dunno., watching VR porn, or whatever else the average Android user does in cyberspace.

Data Saver

With all that VR porn you must be running up a massive phone bill? Well worry not, you perv, as Google have now given advanced controls over which apps can access your interwebs and when. You’ll also be able to see, at a glance, which of those little cretins is responsible for your hefty bills.

Picture in Picture

You can now watch your porn while multitasking. Need I say more, typical Android user?

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff too, but this is the only crap that matters when you find yourself drunk and alone at 3am, when you realise that lass you called a lesbian for not wanting to go home with you, probably wasn’t a lesbian after all.