Facebook allowed to track users, even when not logged in

In November 2015 a Belgian court ruled that it was illegal for Facebook to track Internet surfers who didn’t have an account or were logged into the social network, and faced a fine of €250,000 per day if it didn’t comply.

However today that ruling has been overturned as the Brussels court of appeals court decided the Belgian CPP (Commission for the Protection of Privacy) has no jurisdiction over Facebook.

Facebook were obviously happy with the decision, as a spokesperson said:

“We are pleased with the court’s decision and look forward to bringing all our services back online for people in Belgium.”

The social media giant don’t only monitor web surfers through their own site, they also use cookies to track people through the use of ‘share’ buttons, which can be found on pretty much every website.

A spokesperson for the Belgian Privacy Commission slammed the ruling:

“Today’s decision simply and purely means that Belgian citizens cannot obtain the protection of their private lives through the courts and tribunals when it concerns foreign actors.”