FBI can now lawfully hack anyone, anywhere, at any time, without warrant

You have no right to privacy!

US District Judge Henry Morgan has ruled that the FBI are now well within its rights to go out and hack anyone it feels like, without court review. Awesome :/

This all comes about because the feds took over some pedo website and infected the creepy fuckers with a ‘network investigative technique’ to reveal the information about the devices being used to access the site and IP addresses.

Cool.. go FBI you get those pedo’s.. great, that’s something we should support but not at the cost of everyone’s privacy, including Tor users, FFS.

Essentially the FBI can now target anyone without probable cause or suspicion.

And that’s a dangerous amount of power to grant.

But hold up! The idiot says “if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear”.

Don’t be so naive you bloody fool.

Look, we know how this shit usually rolls out.. it starts out as a good idea, like preventing terrorism. But is quickly used for way less serious things, like catching weed growers.. and before we know it devolves, becomes draconian as gets used to target activists and dissidents.

That’s freaking scary, right? You can see the ruling here.