Penny Dreadful to be axed after 3 seasons

What the actual fuck?

Penny Dreadful has survived for 3 seasons?
Yer shittin’ me.

I dropped out of the snooze-fest after 3 episodes in the first season, but some of you fuckers kept on watching didn’t you…

There was seemingly enough of you to keep the show alive for a couple more years but alas for you guys creator John Logan has confirmed it’s demise.

Speaking to the media, John Logan said:

“I created Penny Dreadful to tell the story of a woman grappling with her faith, and with the demons inside her. For me the character of Vanessa Ives [played by Green] is the heart of this series.

“From the beginning, I imagined her story would unfold over a three-season arc … To have had fans that have embraced us so passionately has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my career.”

So bummer for all you fans eh. And for the rest of us who didn’t even know the show was still on, well we’ll just raise an eyebrow, say ‘meh’ and go back to watching stuff that doesn’t send us to sleep.